Tips for Planning A Disney World Vacation

In this video, Hollie discusses 3 basic transportation considerations when planning a Disney World vacation. This video is part 4 of a 5 part series discussing tip about how to avoid lines, dining, and transportation. So be sure to check those videos out if you haven’t already.
In this video regarding transportation, the best tips involve working transportation into your daily plan. So #1, allow yourself at least 1 hour from the time you leave your (on propery) resort room until you reach the park entrance. The drive alone can take around 20 minutes, then going through security and getting to the magic band tap points can add significant time. Depending on your resort location and the park you plan to visit, you may need to allow even more time!
#2. When making your plans for each day of your trip, be sure and include the mode of transportation to get to the park, to leave and return from your mid-day break and how it will be best to exit for the night. Magic Kingdom is a nightmare in my opinion, to drive to simply because of dealing with the lines at the Ticket and Transportation Center. So I usually opt for the buses at this park.
#3. If you have access to a car, plan to check out the bus stop lines ( they can get very long at the Value resorts!) before deciding to drive. My family will all hop in the car, we head the resort lobby for refilling of the drink mugs and then take the bus if the lines aren’t long and the next bus is scheduled to arrive in an acceptable window. I typically find that if I’m planning to arrive at the parks in the 7:30-8am window, it’s best to drive. I will be able to park close to the park entrance which will position my car nearby for easy exit for the mid-day break of quick exit after the fireworks to avoid those bus stop lines!
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